What can we do?

It's obvious that IoT will form an one trillion level of market size in next five years.
The number of global smart devices will run up to nearly 30 billion. In nearly future,It will be considered obsolete if the hardware have no intelligent control.

IoT gateway

Able to send and receive two-way
Support a variety of transmission protocols and Internet access
All parts of the gateway can be customized according to the needs of customers.

Cloud Soflware

Global deployment
Custom private cloud
Customers manage their own end-users

Mobile APPs

user friendly APPs
Provide customized services
Provide Android and IOS public version of APPs

Compatible transmission technology

Nowadays there are impassable barriers between the different transmission technology.It greatly affects end user experience.It's not helpful to the market promotion.Smart ISM will be compatible with the protocals from different manufacturers.In order to meet the needs of different manufacturors.

Low Power Bluetooth

Turn-key solution

In order to meet the practical application needs of different industries We develop a set of standard interface protocols As far as possible to allow customers to complete the upgrading without modifying their products.

Six reasons to choose us

24 hours

Hardware manufacturers can be within 24 hours to run up the machine, the host, the server background and APP debug platform .

100% focus

Smart ISM focuses on the service of traditional hardware products manufacturers, we focus with our specialty.

Zero modification

Customers' RF 433/315M products, RS485 equipment and Zigbee/Zwave can be connected without any modification.

100% customization

Smart ISM system design can be customized from the gateway,the server and APP.

30% hardware advantage

Compared to Bluetooth, WIFI etc, manufacturers can get about thirty percent of the cost advantage of the hardware products.

100% private cloud

Smart ISM helps customers to customize things entirely, including operation platform and user data management.

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